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New York: "Horn" at Wildlife Conservation Film Festival (Recommended by ACFNY)


Genre: Lived Documentary
Duration: 90 minutes
Participant: Jeffrey Mundell
Music: Judo Push

The film HORN (2014) by Austrian director Reina-Marie Loader is a lived documentary that creatively investigates the issue of rhino poaching by focusing on specific anti-poaching units in South Africa’s Waterberg region. The intention is to determine how effective anti-poaching as a solution-driven method is to combat the surge in organized poaching. A key dimension is the assessment of anti-poaching training as a forward-looking strategy that serves the protection of not only rhinos, but also the wider community.

This includes an evaluation of the physical and psychological impact of such training by following an actor playing a specifically created character within a real-life training situation. The intention is to thereby explore sustainable solutions to this dilemma while simultaneously commenting on the wider socio-political context connected to the survival of the South African rhinos.

“It is exciting that HORN will show in New York as I hope this will raise awareness of the complexities of the rhino poaching issue, and the potential long term perspective that is needed as we face the current crisis”, said Reina-Marie Loader. “I will also be speaking at the Biodiversity Conference, which is connected to the festival”, Loader concluded. 

The Wildlife Conservation Film Festival takes place in the third week of October. It attracts an international representation of films, filmmakers, advocates and scientists dedicated to the preservation of global biodiversity. Visitors come to New York from across the globe to attend.

The film HORN by Austrian director Reina-Marie Loader, has won the 2015 award for “Best Conservation Film”. The award will be made at a ceremony on October 23, 2015. Dr Loader will also speak at the parallel Biodiversity Conference in New York.

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