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New York: CONCERT | ICONOCLASMS (presented by the ACF New York)

  • Austrian Cultural Forum New York 11 E 52nd St New York, NY, 10022 United States (map)


07:30 PM
Mario Rom’s Interzone
Mario Rom: Trumpet
Lukas Kranzelbinder: Bass
Herbert Pirker: Drums

09:00 PM
König Leopold feat. MC Rhine
Leo Riegler: Electronics, turntables, voice, clarinet
Lukas König:  Drums, Synthesizer
MC Rhine:  Vocals

The ACFNY’s Iconoclasms—New Directions in Austrian Jazz presents two of Austria’s most innovative, genre-defying bands of the younger generation emerging out of Vienna’s vibrant jazz and improvised scenes.  ‘Nothing is True’ and ‘Everything is Permitted’ (titles of Interzone’s two recording releases) perfectly describe the verve and daring openness with which Mario Rom’s Interzone and the duo König Leopold transgress established jazz forms and practices and explore the pregnant moment of improvisation with blatant disregard for rules, genres, and categories.

Mario Rom’s Interzone trio features three of Austria’s most prolific and sought-after jazz musicians.  Referring to William Burroughs’ hallucinatory and subversive prototypical world of the ‘Early Routines’, Interzone launches into unfettered flight moving freely between all possible styles.  Anything can happen and does.

The Viennese duo (well, trio) König Leopold—consisting of Lukas König and Leo Riegler and featuring Austrian rapper MC Rhine—invades NYC with their delirious, uncategorizable, Dada-esque, musical-theatrical-performative practice.  Noise, deconstructed pop, hip-hop, improvisation, pointed comedy, flamboyant costumes, performance art meld together in a bizarre world of serious grooves, high-precision, and fiery intensity.  Nothing is sacred.  Enjoy the ride.