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New York: Sound Installation | BERND KLUG | TRACES OF [DIS]LOCATION (presented by the ACF New York)

  • Austrian Cultural Forum 11 E 52nd St New York, NY, 10022 United States (map)

The Austrian Cultural Forum proudly presents
as centerpiece of Liquid Architecture / Frozen Music - Moving Sounds 2015

Sound Installation | AUG 14 - SEP 16, 2015
The Austrian Cultural Forum as social instrument

With this installation, Brooklyn-based, Austrian sound artist, composer, and improviser Bernd Klug transforms Raimund Abraham's iconic Austrian Cultural Forum NY in Midtown Manhattan into a social musical instrument. The publicly accessible, interactive environment extends over three floors and uses the architectural and institutional structures of the building to create different zones and layers of engagement.

The visitors play an integral role: subtle feedback traces their movements as they walk through the installation, thus altering the soundscape; strings play with the question of the public's conscious interaction; and electro-magnetic amplification sonifies the unheard noises of their cellphones and electronic devices.

Within this interactive sonic environment, Klug continues his collaboration with German painter Johanna Tiedtke to create Bearing - a room within a room functioning as a musical instrument as well as a drawing in space. Bearing was first conceptualized in March-April 2015 at Galerie Freihausgasse Stadt Villach (Austria), the centerpiece of which was a metal frame hung on piano strings, which were precisely aligned geographically and geometrically to the ACFNY. Using vibrating zinc plates, the artists captured acoustic and visual traces left by visitors to the exhibition. At the ACFNY, these traces have been scanned to UV-prints on translucent paper, mounted on piano strings, which are, in turn, activated by transducers and will be played back like vinyl records. Bearing invites visitors into a dialogue, unfolding over time, with the work, the space, and the building.

Artists Bernd Klug, Johanna Tiedtke
Concept Bernd Klug, Christopher Zimmerman
Advisors Bob Bielecki, Ezekiel Healy, Justin Den Herder, James Kelly, Sarah Millsaps Towles



Bernd Klug is an Austrian born, Brooklyn based sound artist and double bassist. In sound installations and solo concerts, his music encounters our everyday circumstances as found forms and questions our perceptions of sound and social space. His solo double bass work focuses on the world inside and around the double bass: the bow, the body, and room frequencies lay the groundwork for a radical reduction of both the composer-performer's role and the traditional musical narrative. His installations make use of acoustic phenomena like feedback, room frequencies and electromagnetic waves and explore strings, wood, metal and other materials as audiovisual components.

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Johanna Tiedtke lives and works in New York. She holds a diploma in Fine Arts from Hochschule für bildende Künste, Hamburg, and a MFA from Bard College, New York. Recent exhibitions include DOUBLE ACT, Overbeck- Gesellschaft Lübeck, Germany (2015); THIS RED DOOR, Kunsthalle Galapagos, New York (2014); PANEL DISCUSSION, Silvershed, New York (2014); HAMBURGER BAHNHOF, Kai Erdmann Gallery, Hamburg (2013); VISIONEN, Museum Martha, Herford, Germany (2013). Among other grants, she received a yearlong DAAD graduate fellowship. In 2015, Revolver will publish Johanna Tiedtke's first monograph entitled HANNA BUROW.


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