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  • San Jose Jazz Summer Fest San Jose United States (map)

Fondly referred to as the “smallest big band on the planet”, Marina & The Kats revive the spirit of 1940s jazz with hot grooves, enchanting melodies, driving beats, and the utterly gorgeous voice of the charming Marina Zettl.

What started as a leisurely encounter at the Kombüse in [unnamed] Graz, Austria changed the course of the Marina & The Kats’ creative approach. Driven by unbridled curiosity and the desire to pay tribute to swing pioneers, such as the late Django Reinhardt, the musicians formed a trio of guitar, bass, and drums, propelled by an enticingly powerful voice. As a trio, the ensemble expresses themselves in an entirely new light and musical framework.

Whether performing their retro swing originals or covering the likes of Queens Of The Stone Age, complete with a swing beat, the group takes audiences on a ride through a nostalgic musical landscape, painted in glamorous Technicolor and accompanied by a heavenly swinging soundtrack. Marina & The Kats truly live by their slogan: Swing! Swing! Swing!