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  • Claire Oliver Gallery 513 West 26th Street NY 10001 USA (map)

Claire Oliver Gallery is honored to present an important installation by Gallery Artist Norbert Brunner entitled: Cook Local Impact Infinite. This installation continues Brunner's exploration of the power of positive thinking and our ability to overcome all obstacles if we believe we can.

Cook Local Impact Infinite consists of three large tables (each measuring 10 x 3 feet) arranged in a straight line. Attendant benches welcome the viewer to sit and become a participant. Austrian-born artist Norbert Brunner has created these tables and benches from the actual 125-year-old floorboards taken from one of most important art museums worldwide, the Kunsthistorische Museum (Museum of Fine Arts) in Vienna. When the halls of the Kunstkammer (Art Chamber) of this museum were renovated in 2012 and its floors were renewed, Norbert Brunner was able to purchase some of the original floorboards. The wood he used for creating his tables originally bore the display cabinets of the Kunstkammerstücke (Art Chamber Collection) which for centuries sated the hunger for universal knowledge. Many of these objects used to be shown on festively decorated tables of European courts - richly enchased ostrich eggs, mobile table automatons or the famous Saliera by Benvenuto Cellini. And the floors of the Wiener Kunstkammer also bore its visitors - admirers of arts and sciences as well as representatives, diplomats and potentates of all nations.

Down the center of each tabletop, a four inch wide channel holds Brunner's distinctive layers of acrylic glass and Swarovski crystals. By looking directly down into the crystal filled channel, the viewer will realize there is a message spelled out within. It is only by looking up, however, into the mirrors above that the words become legible. As a mirror is a reflection that inverts the original image, Brunner's mirrors invert the words and garbled past to create a positive reflection for the future.

For Brunner, the piece is not complete without human interaction. As a proactive, interactive work, the viewers themselves become caught up in the words and see themselves in the final inspired "picture". As is his wont, the texts for each of the artist's works are well thought out and conceptually underpinned to the whole of the work. To that end, this project called out for another voice to add to the dialogue. Brunner chose celebrated Austrian poet Erich Fried. Born 1921 to Jewish parents in Vienna, Fried fled with his mother to London after his father was murdered by the Gestapo during the annexation of Austria by Nazi Germany in 1938. He did not return to his beloved Vienna until 1962. Because of his historical ties to the material, as well as his triumph over adversity, Fried's love poem "What it is" becomes the perfect assertion for Cook Local.


The encounter one has with Brunner’s work is deeply personal and interactive and yet his work can be interpreted universally. Stand directly in front of a Brunner work in order for its full content to be revealed; the Artist states, “Only by confronting head-on what is possible can you stay true to your mission, hopes, and dreams. When you step away from the lineal path, my work dissolves into dots of color and flashes of brilliant crystal. This glittery, shadowy world is not clear and precise; conceptually it is a metaphor for losing your way, wandering afield from your chosen direction. I want the viewer to experience my work, to address what is possible and take it on full-force and straight away.” 

Claire Oliver Gallery
513 WEst 26th Street
NY 10001

Image: Image: Manhattan Sunset Dream #3 by Alan Turkus,