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An opulent TV portrait about a family that knows no love. A saga about incest, corruption and gloves made out of human skin. Bizarre. Funny.Vicious. The Austrian Writer-Director David Schalko calls his latest television project “a Dallas for the insane“.

"Love is for the middle class" is the motto of the supposedly superior Viennese high Society, which is mercilessly called to account by Schalko in the eight-part family saga 'Old Money'. The Viennese multi-billionaire and Patriarch Rauchensteiner needs a new liver. Quickly. He tries to buy one. Fails to. So he calls his broken family together. Whoever gets him a new liver, gets the whole inheritance. Cue for the start of an absurd race of greed. Without regard to losses. Without rules. Every man for himself.

Satire? „Nowadays, faced with a divergent society with vanishing foundations of ethics, morality, and solidarity between upper and lower class, it’s hardly possible to produce satire that is not already outpaced by reality. From this perspective, ‘Old Money’ outpaces satire by means of a new fictionalrealism“, says Heinrich Mies, from ORF (Austrian Broadcasting Corporation), that co-produced 'Old Money'.


The series presents the crème de la crème of Austrian and German actors and actresses. Udo Kier, who in his international career spanning nearly fifty years has already acted in more than 160 feature films and made his name in Hollywood, takes the lead. For 'Old Money' he not only remained true to his signature role as the villain - he also returned to Vienna. 'Old Money' is written and directed by David Schalko, who is responsible for numerous comedy formats, features, TV productions and documentaries. Behind the production he is also (co-) responsible for the successful ORFproductions “Willkommen Österreich” (Welcome Austria),“Aufschneider” (Carve the Joint) and most recently “Braunschlag”. The soundtrack was composed by Kyrre Kvam. Unlike in most series, ´"[i]n 'Old Money' every single episode has its own theme that gets introduced in the opening credits, and is then used in different variations", explains the composer.

“Old Money” is a co-production ORF and Superfilm (producers: John Lueftner and David Schalko) with the support of the Austrian Television Fund, the Television Fund of the Vienna Film Fund, and the state government of Lower Austria.

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Image: Manhattan Sunset Dream #3 by Alan Turkus,