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Skirl Records in co-operation with Session Work Records (Austria) is happy to announce the release of the second full-length album of Austrian Brooklyn-based drummer and composer Peter Lenz.

"It's great to find a band that doesn't remind you of existing music." (Concerto, about Lenz's Debut Album' Silent Flow)

Peter Lenz composed the music for this album during a one-month retreat in the Austrian mountains. His music explores the intersections of different genres and combines influences of modern jazz, contemporary classical music and a dose of indie-rock. Twelve-tone rows, Messiaen scales and rock beats in the context of this agile jazz quartet create a sublime and atmospheric chamber music. The German newspaper Leipziger Volkszeitung writes about Lenz' compositions, "It's more about the detail than the display of puissance... though it still has power."

Lithium features saxophonist and clarinetist Chris Speed, Dutch musicians Reinier Baas on guitar and Stefan Lievestro on upright bass, as well as Lenz on drums. Peter started working with Speed in New York City, where Lenz moved to in 2013. The New York Times calls Speed "one of the principal figures in the dynamic left-of-center Jazz/Improv scene". Reinier Baas and Stefan Lievestro are two companions from Lenz's time studying in the Netherlands. Baas is an up-and-coming guitarist on the Dutch jazz scene, while Stefan Lievestro has established himself over the years playing bass in the bands of Bob Berg, Philip Catherine and Freddie Hubbard.

"It was very important to me to find musicians with an individual voice but similar approach to my music. Writing for a specific line up with strong characters is a luxury for any composer" says Lenz. The strong musical identities of the musicians, the exigent compositions and the collective understanding of Lenz' music promise an exciting listening experience.

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