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The European National Institutes of Culture (EUNIC)- New York City Cluster presents the second edition of Animated Spirits: European Animated Short Film Festival this spring. The festival brings some of the most exciting, recent animation from Europe to New York City. Artists from 12 European Union countries 'illustrate' the spirit of experimentation at the Austrian Cultural Forum New York and the Hungarian Consulate General on May 4 and 5, 2016.

Each night gurus of contemporary animation-Jeffrey Scher (USA), Holger Lang (AT), Alexander Stewart (USA) -discuss the state of European animation. Panels are dealing with differences between experimental and artistic approaches in the field of animation on both sides of the Atlantic and with the industry itself, the possibilities for European filmmakers in the United Stated as independent and applied artists.

Emphasizing the new, the exciting and the unconventional, while finding the space to reflect on the continuing potential of the traditional techniques as well, Animated Spirits gives a carefully curated program, picking from the cream of European animation to bring to the NYC audiences. Two selections will be screened each night: EXPERANIMA, featuring highlights of the most inventive animated films, which seek to discover the boundaries of animation and live action, narrative strategies and the visual language of animation and ANIMASTORY which offers mesmerizing fictional stories with unique visuals.


Composition (2015) -- by Mitja Manček (Slovenia)
SHUT UP MOON (2014) -- by Gudrun Krebitz (Austria, UK)
Loop (2015) -- by Michał Socha (Poland)
Velodrool (2015) -- by Sander Joon (Estonia)
Saturday Symphony (2015) -- by Iris Frankhuizen (Netherlands)
Uncanny Valley (2015) -- by Paul Wenninger (Austria, France)

with Jeffrey Scher (USA), New York-based filmmaker and animator; lecturer at the School of Visual Arts and adjunct instructor at the NYU Tisch School of the Arts, opinionator at the New York Times and Holger Lang (AT), Assistant Professor and Research Faculty, Webster Vienna Private University and Adjunct Professor, Webster University St.Louis.

The Bench (2015) -- Claudia Chircop (Malta)
Aion (2014) -- by Petra Heleninová (Slovakia)
The Master (2015) -- by Riho Unt (Estonia)
Diamond (2013) -- by Kris Mergan, Geert Vandenbroele (Belgium)
Amélia & Duarte (2015) -- by Alice Guimarães, Mónica Santos (Portugal, Germany)

The evening is followed by a reception and networking event.

Initiated and organized by Balassi Institute, Hungarian Cultural Center, New York in partnership with the Austrian Cultural Forum, NY with the participation of 9 European national institutes of culture: Arte Institute Portugal; Arts Council Malta; Bonobo Studio Croatia; Consulate General of Estonia in New York; Consulate General of Slovakia in New York; Consulate General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Czech Center New York; Embassy of the Republic of Slovenia in Washington; Flanders House New York; Polish Cultural Institute New York.

Curated by Anna Ida Orosz animation historian, lecturer at the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design and co-founder and curator of Primanima Short Film Festival, Budapest.  

A European National Institutes of Culture (EUNIC) - New York City Cluster event.


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