Vienna - Centre for International Dialogue

International cooperation and dialogue are a prerequisite in all efforts aimed at establishing sustainable peace and development. Since Austria became a member of the United Nations in 1955, effective multilateralism has thus been one of the key priorities of Austrian foreign policy. 

Located in the heart of Europe as a geographic interface between different cultures, religions and political systems, Austria has been, and continues to be, a bridge builder that supports constructive dialogue.

As home to many international institutions and organisations, Vienna has evolved into a vibrant international hub where a great diversity of topics is being addressed. This brochure strives to highlight and illustrate the importance and the diverse nature of the issues covered, ranging from human rights to safety and security through to sustainability and development. 

The Vienna hub and, in particular, the Vienna International Centre (known as the VIC or UNO City), which was opened in 1979, act as a driver for the Austrian economy: the benefits of having some 40 international organisations located in Austria translates, for instance, in an annual positive net effect of more than 500 million euros, directly or indirectly securing some 10,000 jobs. This is another reason why active promotion and strengthening of the Vienna hub have been a consistent priority of Austrian foreign policy for 40 years. Furthermore, the presence of international organisations and agencies also contributes to increasing Vienna’s attractiveness as a business location and destination for conference tourism.

By providing an optimal framework combined with a unique atmosphere, Vienna has for many years now  welcomed and successfully hosted the international community. Austria as a host country, in turn, appreciates the extraordinary contribution the Vienna-based international organisations and institutions make towards strengthening the city’s reputation as a venue for dialogue and multilateral diplomacy. 

May I assure you that I personally will continue to undertake every effort towards promoting the Vienna hub as a vibrant venue for dialogue and sustainable bridge building. 



Sebastian Kurz
Federal Minister for Europe, Integration and Foreign Affairs

(At time of publication)