Federal Minister Kurz: "Swift holding of elections in Burkina Faso is important"

Respect for Burkina Faso’s civil society following final disarmament of rebels

Vienna, 1 October 2015 - “Following the final disarmament of the rebels my sincere respect goes to the civil society of Burkina Faso. The people have proven democratic steadfastness and have acted in a responsible manner. I call upon the government to now prepare general elections as swiftly as possible and in an equally responsible fashion thereby including all political powers. We, together with our EU-Partners continue to stand beside Burkina Faso and will closely be following the further developments”, Minister for Foreign Affairs, Sebastian Kurz declared in the face of the most recent developments in Burkina Faso.

Burkina Faso has been a priority country for the Austrian Development Cooperation since 1993.