Secretary General for Foreign Affairs, Linhart meets with Tunisian Nobel Peace Prize Laureate

Tunisian transition process has the full support of Austria

“The bilateral relations between Austria and Tunisia have a tradition of being friendly and we are in full support of the successful Tunisian transition process. The Nobel Peace Prize is the just reward for the path Tunisia has taken. This is why I am very happy about today’s visit”, the Secretary General for Foreign Affairs, Michael Linhart elaborated in Tunis.

Important themes during the talks were the further expansion of bilateral relations, the Tunisian transition process, developments in the region and the fight against terrorism. Concerning the latter, the Austrian focus promotes prevention as key to long-lasting success. This requires the inclusion of all relevant actors and especially the civil society. There also is further potential for the Austrian economy for which Linhart stood up.

“In the fight against terror the respect for human rights is a necessity. This has been a central issue in all of my meetings including the one with the attorney Abdessatar Ben Moussa, the representative of the Nobel Prize quartet and President of the Tunisian League for Human Rights”, Linhart closed.