Paris-Terror – Kurz: “Outrageous attack”

“We are all deeply stricken”

Paris/Vienna; 14. November 2015 (APA) – “We are all deeply stricken, this is an outrageous attack, not only against France, but an attack, which has shocked us in Europe as a whole”, declared Minister for Foreign Affairs, Sebastian Kurz (ÖVP) on Saturday morning at the sidelines of the Syria-conference in Vienna on the acts of terror in Paris. “More than 150 persons were killed and hundreds are wounded.”

According to the Ministry for Foreign Affairs also “three Austrians were present in the concert hall, one of the attacks’ targets”, said Kurz. “Two of them are unharmed, we are in contact with their families, at present we do not have any further reliable information about Austrian nationals who may be affected.”

Naturally this attack overshadows the Syria-talks in Vienna, Kurz stated. “For now we assume that the talks still will take place. It goes without saying, that the security measures have been massively bolstered”.