Good times, bad times

Exhibition on "Moved Relations" between Austria and Serbia in Vienna

On 9 March 2 [csm Waldner Jankovic 43208fb9b5] 015 ambassador Dr. Wolfgang Waldner, Director General for Cultural Policy in the Federal Ministry for Europe, Integration and Foreign Affairs, and Pero Janković, ambassador of the Republic of Serbia in Austria, opened the exhibition "Moved Relations. Austro-Serbian relations from 1836-1914" in the Palais Porcia in Vienna. Minister for Foreign Affairs, Sebastian Kurz, underlined: "The exhibition showcases the broad foundation, on which the relations between Austria and Serbia stand on; but it also is a didactic example for the disastrous consequences of a political line of thought in which 'war is the continuation of politics by other means'".

This project, initiated within the framework of the "Year of Culture 2015  Austria – Serbia" was developed by the Austrian Cultural Forum Belgrade in cooperation with the Institute for Contemporary History of Serbia and the Belgrade City Museum; the exhibition's content was drawn up by the historian Dr. Hannes Leidinger (University of Vienna) and Dr. Danilo Šarenac (Serbian Institute for Contemporary History).

"Moved Relations" fleshes out the multifaceted lines of connection between Austrian and Serbian history – and provides for some surprise: Vuk Karadžić, the most important reformer of the Serbian language, spent most of his life in Vienna and Johann Strauß composed a "Serb-Quadrille" for the Serbian Prince in exile. Since many Serb intellectuals studied in Vienna in the middle of the 19th century, Vienna had a great influence on the development of the Serb administration and culture.

The exhibition shows, how from 1903 on Austria's attitude as a great powercollided with the increased Serbian self-awareness up to the outbreak of a trade war in 1906. The annexation of Bosnia and Herzegovina by the Austro-Hungarian Empire furthered the escalation process at the end of which stood the shots of Sarajevo and the declaration of war on Serbia by the Danube Monarchy.

The exhibition is open from 10 to 27 March 2015, Monday to Friday from 10 to 15 o'clock in the Kunstraum Palais Porcia (Herrengasse 23).


The "Year of Culture 2015 • Austria – Serbia" is an expression of todays close partnership and friendship between Austria and Serbia and aims at improving the visibility of Austrian culture in Serbia and Serbian culture in Austria. The film-premiere of "Branio sam mladu Bosnu" ("I defended the young Bosnia") already took place in the Votiv movie theatre on 16 February 2015; the author Zlatko Paković from Belgrade was presented in the theatre in the Drachengasse on 7 March 2015.

In Serbia the culture centre Belgrade will launch an "Austrian movie season" in April 2015 followed by the exhibition "Presence of Spaces" in the city museum of Belgrade with Andreas Fogarasi (A) and Saša Tkačenko (SER) in May 2015. In addition Austria is a guest country at the "Long Night of the Museums in Serbia".