Austria Mirror: Relaunch with many new features and exercises for DaF/DaZ

The Austria Institute and Austrian Fund for Integration present new layout for German course newspaper

The “Austria Mirror” presents authentic articles and audio reports from Austrian media as learning and exercise material for the learning of German as foreign or second language for German-learners in Austria or abroad. In a new cooperation the Austrian Institute (ÖI) together with the Austrian Fund for Integration (ÖIF) have closely collaborated on a complete overhaul and relaunch of the “Austria Mirror” and present the first issue 2015 with a number of content changes.

Target group German learners and teachers

The “Austria Mirror” is directed at learners and teachers of German in the DaF/DaZ-field and provides up to date, German language media articles on themes like economy, education, culture or sport. The CD attached to the “Austria Mirror” also includes recordings of Austrian radio reports. The didactic annex includes a number of exercises, which may be done in self-study at home or together in class.

Katerina Wahl, director of the “Austria Institute” says: “The ‘Austria Mirror’ is a unique Austrian medium in the DaF/DaZ-field, providing German-learners and instructors with insights into Austrian everyday life as well as our countries’ culture by way of authentic newspaper and radio reports. Moreover I am happy to have further increased the performance of our offer with even more content, exercises and special features after the relaunch”.

New columns, prepared lectures and special features

The revised “Austria Mirror” provides a number of new columns like “tradition & customs” or “sightseeing in Austria” as well as special articles for youths and German-beginners. Four additional pages, full with exercises for German-learners, can be found in the didactic annex. For German-teachers, the “Austria Mirror” for the first time includes a fully prepared lecture for direct use in class. From now on the online-service platform will provide further exercises, in the form of free downloads. With a new focal theme in every issue the living together of migrants in Austria is picked up – the first issue is centred on the theme “home and identity”. Franz Wolf, director of the Austrian Integration Fund: “We are very happy with the good cooperation between the Austrian Integration Fund and the Austria Institute. The ÖIF was able to actively contribute through its vast experience in the areas of German as second language as well as the perspective of migrants. Thus we provide numerous points of contact for German courses close to everyday life of migrants in Austria.”

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