Counter corruption with education

Austrian Development Agency and the International Anti-Corruption Academy IACA combat corruption in developing countries

Vienna, 17 March 2015 – “Corruption hinders development and even further increases the divide between poor and rich. This is why it is important, that Austria supports the strengthening of the rule of law and good governance in our partner countries”, underlines Michael Linhart, Secretary General for Foreign Affairs. Therefore combating corruption is the aim of the Austrian Development Agencies’ (ADA) and the International Anti-Corruption Academies’ (IACA) new project. Martin Ledolter, Director of the ADA, and Martin Kreutner, Dean of the International Anti-Corruption Academy, gave the official starting signal with their signature of the agreement. The ADA together with the IACA sponsors the training of employees of many different government agencies, universities, research facilities and civil society actors in partner countries of the Austrian Development Cooperation with EUR 400.000. The increase of staff and institutional strengthening of governments is expected to impede mismanagement and to increase transparency of budget distribution in developing countries.

Promote transparency and obligation to accountability

”Since international organisations like the World Bank make fighting corruption a theme, the awareness on this matter has risen. But there is a lack of trained experts to prevent corruption and get to the bottom of related grievances”, Martin Ledolter, Director of the ADA, the agency of the Austrian Development Cooperation reports: “ This is why we have been supporting civil society organisations, parliaments, courts of justice and courts of audit in our priority countries for many years in order to increase transparency, democratic participation and accountability. The cooperation with the IACA is the logical extension of our current activities in this field”, says Ledolter.

Regionally fixate vocational training

Through the cooperation with the IACA 15 scholarships for candidates from priority countries can be provided for academic courses and trainings in Laxenburg over the next three years. Moreover a regional summer school shall be built up in Eastern Africa, where up to 70 experts for combating corruption can be trained. “I am happy, that we are able to extend our international network through our cooperation with the ADA. Our academic courses and trainings provide insights into the complexity of corruption and simultaneously prepare the students and trainees for the field.”, says Martin Kreutner, Dean of the International Anti-Corruption Academy.

Austrian Development Cooperation

The Austrian Development Cooperation supports countries in Africa, Asia, in Southeastern and Eastern Europe as well as the Caribbean in their sustainable development. The Ministry for Foreign Affairs plans strategies and programmes, the Austrian Development Agency implements them together with public institutions, NGOs and the private sector.

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