7.300 new places in German courses for Syrian refugees

The Federal Government provides additional German courses; Further commitment of all others responsible called for

The Federal Government will provide 7.300 additional places in German courses mainly for recognised Syrian refugees in the future. This was the result of today’s agreement between the Ministry for Integration, the Ministry for Social Affairs and the Ministry for Interior Affairs. Financing will be covered by return flows from the European Globalisation Adjustment Fund in the job market area and internal redistributions in the areas Interior Affairs and Integration.

Concretely the Ministry for Social Affairs will provide 4.300 additional course places for Euro 3.44m, the Ministry for Integration adds 2.000 places for around Euro 1.6m and the Ministry for Interior Affairs further 1.000 places.

Since the offer of German courses is a joint effort of the respective ministries together with the Federal Provinces and NGO’s, all parties are called upon to further intensify their commitment and roles. The costs of the German courses in Austria (appr. € 40 m) are currently provided with 71% by the AMS, 19% by the Federal Provinces, 4% by the Fund for Integration, 4% by the Ministry for Integration as well as 2% by the Ministry for Interior Affairs.

The number of recognised refugees has strongly increased in the previous year, especially due to religious minorities from Syria, who are prosecuted by IS-terrorists. Today’s step aims to meets the additional demand.