Take a decisive stand against marginalisation and intolerance!

Minister for Foreign Affairs and Integration Kurz on the commemoration event of the liberation of the Mauthausenconcentration camp

Vienna, 11 May 2015 - “Today’s commemoration and liberation ceremony is a duty and a responsibility for everyone that crimes like they happened here may never be committed again”, said Minister for Foreign Affairs and Integration Sebastian Kurz on the occasion of 70 years of liberation of the Mauthausen concentration camp by units of the US-Army.

“Especially the young generation is called upon to preserve the memory of the people, who were the victims of the Nazi tyranny, who were murdered or driven from their homes”, said Kurz.

If the permanent result of the terrible experience of the NS-terror can be summed up as “Never again!”, then we must fight against neglect of human dignity, against violence and oppression anywhere and anytime they start to arise, reminded the Minister. Lived tolerance and readiness for dialogue are values with which an open minded and democratic civil society can most effectively oppose its enemies, Kurz underlined: “Therefore it is us, who have to take a determined stand against any form of marginalisation and intolerance, to defend democracy, the rule of law and human rights!”