20 years EU – Are we there yet?

Federal Minister Kurz discusses the EU with youths

Vienna, 22 April 2015 − Today’s event of the Austrian Federal Chamber of Agriculture in the House of the European Union, entitled “20 years EU – Are we there yet?” saw the MP and President of the Federal Chamber of Agriculture, Hermann Schultes, the Federal Minister for Europe, Integration and Foreign Affairs, Sebastian Kurz, the MEP and President of the Eco social Forum Europe, Elisabeth Köstinger, as well as comedian, Christof Spörk, who currently is on tour with his programme “Die EU ist schuld” (“It’s all the EU’s fault”) answering the questions of a young audience posed via text messages after a short panel discussion.  

Federal Minister, Sebastian Kurz congratulated the Austrian Federal Chamber of Agriculture on this event: “The Federal Chamber of Agriculture has not only presented complex EU-themes through a humorous angle, but also managed to reduce existing prejudices and expose  myths about the EU. The many questions brought up by the audience have shown, that forming an opinion of one’s own is still the best way to challenge existing prejudices.”   “Especially the youth cannot and does not want to imagine Europe or Austria without the EU.

This generation of young Europeans has never called anything home other than the middle of Europe”, the President of the Austrian Federal Chamber of Agriculture, Hermann Schultes acknowledged the active role of Austria’s youth and added: “Europe needs a future, she needs ideas, needs power. There are enough problems. But whining and nostalgia will not solve any of them. If we all stand together, Europe will be there for everyone, for young and old, for enthusiasts and sceptics, for those who value security and those who love risks. Yesterday has passed. By looking forward, we establish a true home.”  

The importance of the 20-years of membership and the role of Austria in the EU is the theme of numerous events hosted by Federal Ministries, Provincial Governments, cities and communities as well as by the Austrian Parliament, the social partnership and organisations involved in EU-communication.   “Austria has enormously profited from being a member of the European Union! Our European social and health system is unique.

The protection of natural  ressoucres is also an important goal of the EU, be it in the common agrarian and environmental policy or be it in the EU-regional policy. We will continue to contribute to shaping this social model through our EU membership and consequently pursue our concerns on a European level. The Austrian Chamber of Agriculture is an important partner in this endeavour”, Federal Minister, Sebastian Kurz closed.