Minister for Foreign Affairs Kurz starts „Business Meets Diplomacy“

New event format in the Ministry for Foreign Affairs aiming at improved connections between Austrian business community and foreign ambassadors in Austria.

“Business Meets Diplomacy” is the name of the new event format of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which Minister for Foreign Affairs Sebastian Kurz opened for the first time in front of an audience of around 80 foreign ambassadors today. It aims at establishing a dialogue between high-ranking representatives of the Austrian business community and foreign ambassadors in Austria. “The new event format is meant to contribute to a stronger representation of domestic economic interests through diplomatic channels.

On the one hand it serves the Austrian business representatives  by providing a platform of dialogue with representatives of potential markets, on the other hand it also is an opportunity for foreign ambassadors in Austria to get first hand expertise on Austria as business location”, says Minister for Foreign Affairs, Sebastian Kurz. At today’s kick-off event, the president of the Federation of Austrian Industries, Georg Kapsch, spoke about Austria as business location.

As a further action by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs to better represent the interests of domestic companies abroad by utilizing diplomatic structures the event is to take place every three months. In view of the restructuring of the Foreign Ministry, this summer, a general directorate for service will be created, including the “Business Support Service”, that will bundle the relevant efforts of the Foreign Ministry in this area.


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