Federal Minister Kurz: EU-Commission sees the gravity of the situation

Support of Federal Chancellor Faymann’s call for an extraordinary EU-Summit Vienna

Vienna, 9 September 2015 - In a first reaction to the State of the Union speech, delivered by EU-Commission President Jean Claude Juncker, Minister for Foreign Affairs Sebastian Kurz pointed out: “The EU-Commission sees the gravity of the situation”. Kurz reiterated his support of Federal Chancellor Werner Faymann’s call for an extraordinary EU-Summit: “The EU has to take on a more active role in the refugee crisis. We must address five different points towards the solution of this crisis. They include an intensification of the peace efforts for Syria, Libya and the fight against IS, secondly a further increase of humanitarian aid in the protection centres on the ground operated by UNHCR. The EU also has to show more effort in protecting her external borders, intensify the fight against human trafficking and finally broker a fair European burden sharing agreement.”