Federal Minister Kurz: "Important measures for integration were agreed upon!"

Integration is an important task for the Federal Government as a whole

Vienna, 11 September 2015 - Minister for Integration, Sebastian Kurz supports the measures, presented by the Federal Government on the integration of refugees, “We are now called upon to integrate the refugees, who are with us at present, as best we can. Today we were all able to agree on some important steps towards successful integration. Learning the language is the key for such success. Therefore, we will further extend the places in German language courses. The Federal Government ensures that a sufficient number of German language courses are available. For new students, there will be legally binding language classes for beginners to specially promote German language skills. For me it is crucial that the Fund for Integration will provide courses on values. We must transmit our basic values from the beginning, ranging from the rule of law to gender equality.”

Sebastian Kurz furthermore emphasized the necessity of a swift recognition of qualifications in order to accelerate the entry into the labour market “To warrant a fast entry into the labour market, the recognition of qualifications plays a central role in addition to the knowledge of the German language. Therefore, we are currently working on the draft for a law on the recognition of these qualifications so that they can be put to use as soon as possible.”

 Those entitled to asylum or those eligible for subsidiary protection, who encounter problems entering the labour market will now also have the possibility to do a voluntary integration year, a measure comparable to the voluntary social year.“ Therewith we allow non-profit and voluntary work in the interest of our society. I firmly believe that this also is a very important measure towards successful integration.”

Concluding, Sebastian Kurz underlined the necessity of a European solution, “No country in Europe can tackle the challenges posed by the refugee crisis on her own. This is why we need an extraordinary EU-Summit as soon as possible, so that a comprehensive European solution can be agreed upon.”