Federal Minister Kurz: Use the momentum of Vienna Agreement for negotiations!

Chance for peace and security in the Middle East

Vienna, 11 September 2015 - Minister for Foreign Affairs, Sebastian Kurz welcomed the US-Senate’s vote yesterday, blocking a veto against the Vienna Agreement on Iran’s nuclear programme. “Now it is essential that the agreement, which rests on strict controls, is implemented point by point. Moreover the Vienna Agreement provides a chance for more peace and security in the Middle East. We should use the resulting momentum towards the solution of other conflicts in the region, for instance in Syria.” Sebastian Kurz also underlined the global example the Vienna Agreement sets. “The significance of this agreement goes far beyond the Middle East. It goes to show that positive changes can be achieved through diplomacy and negotiations. The Vienna Agreement has also boosted the important goal of non-proliferation of nuclear weapons. We are proud to have been the hosts to such important talks”, Sebastian Kurz closed.