Austria and Poland continue intensive cultural cooperation

Austrian-Polish culture talks in Vienna concluded with new work programme

Vienna, 16 September 2015 - The Austrian-Polish Commission for Co-operation in the Fields of Culture in Vienna adopted the new Austrian-Polish Cultural Agenda 2015-2019 on 15 September 2015. Secretary General for Foreign Affairs Michael Linhart: “The cooperation in the field of culture between Austria and Poland has been conducted on a very high level for many years. Our cultural forum in Warsaw, which celebrates its 50th anniversary this year, has made valuable contributions to this end.”

The Austrian Cultural Forum Warsaw, which was founded as “Window to the West” in 1965, has organised 176 projects with 383 events last year alone. On its own premises and in cooperation with partners across the country, it offers  a versatile programme, which repeatedly  addresses socio-political themes. In cooperation with the Federal Ministry for Education and Women, the regional Katowice Teacher Training Centre and the Austria-Institute Warsaw the Austrian Cultural Forum in Warsaw annually organises “Austria-Days”, during which Polish German-teachers participate in short seminars on Austrian regional studies. This practice will be continued – as a part of the Cultural Agenda  2015-2019 – for the next five years.

With the new work programme the cultural exchange between Austria and Poland will be further intensified in the next five years, e.g. in the area of Austrian film, which enjoys an excellent reputation in Poland. The Cultural Agenda 2015-2019 encourages both countries to intensify the cooperation between filmmakers and film institutions as well as the completion of film cycles and the participation in film festivals in the respective other country. In the area of library cooperation the excellent position of the Austria-Libraries in Warsaw, Krakow, Opole, Poznań, Rzeszów and Wrocław is pointed out.

Cooperation in the field of gender equality and women’s issues were incorporated into the work programme for the first time.