Austria and the Czech Republic intensify their cultural cooperation

Culture Talks between Austria and the Czech Republic in Prague are a success

Vienna, 2 July 2015 - The Austrian-Czech Cultural Commission agreed upon the new cultural agenda “Austria and Czech Republic 2015-2019” on 30 June 2015. Minister for Foreign Affairs, Sebastian Kurz, said: “The cross border dialogue with our Czech neighbours will flourish further through continuing and intensifying the cultural cooperation between Austria and the Czech Republic.”

The new agenda provides for a further intensification of cultural exchange activities between Austria and the Czech Republic in the next five years. It was also agreed to extend the programme „Aktion Österreich-Tschechische Republik, Wissenschafts- und Erziehungskooperation“(Campaign: Austria-Czech Republic, cooperation in science and education). The programme focuses on supporting young scholars and thus fostering a better understanding of each other on the levels of Czech and Austrian university students and scholars.

The Culture Talks also underlined the successful efforts on both sides within the framework of the Austrian-Czech Historians Conference (SKÖTH), which only recently took up the work on a combined history book and combined teaching materials. The Austrian Cultural Forum in Prague, the Czech Centre in Vienna, the Austria Institute in Brno as well as the eight Austria-Libraries (Brno/Brünn, Ceske Budejovice/Budweis, Liberec/Reichenberg, Olomouc/Olmütz, Opava/Troppau, Plzen/Pilsen, Ústi nad Labem, Znojmo/Znaim) are, among others, important contributors to this cooperation.