Federal Minister Kurz on the funeral of Ludwig Steiner

Vienna, 22 July 2015 - Federal Minister Kurz once more honoured the achievements of ambassador Dr. Ludwig Steiner, who was laid to rest at Vienna Central Cemetery: “Ludwig Steiner remains a shining example for all of us through his acts of resistance to the National Socialists, his contribution to Austria’s freedom and independence as well as his commitment for South Tyrol and finally, his work in the Austrian Reconciliation Fund will not be forgotten.” 

During his long career ambassador Ludwig Steiner was secretary to the Federal Chancellor, member of the Austrian State Treaty delegation, South Tyrol negotiator, State Secretary in the Ministry for Foreign Affairs from 1961 to 1964 and MP from 1979 to 1990. His last major public appointment was the chair of the Austrian Reconciliation Fund committee, which provided compensations to former NS-Forced labourers. 

As top line South Tyrol negotiator ambassador Steiner led numerous successful talks with high-ranking Italian politicians to ensure a durable autonomy for South Tyrol and ensure the security of existence as an ethnic minority in a foreign country. In recognition of these achievements he was bestowed with numerous awards and honours, among others with the Decoration for Services to the Liberation of Austria, the Grand Leopold Kunschak Prize and the South Tyrol Grand Order of Merit.  

Ludwig Steiner was one of the architects of the reinstallation of an independent and free Austrian state and her development into a country of peace, freedom and prosperity for her people.