Kurz: Gratitude for tireless efforts in Service to Austria

Minister for Foreign Affairs welcomes 170 honorary consuls in Vienna

Vienna, 28 May 2015 - “Our gratitude goes to the Austrian honorary consuls, who have come here from all over the world, for their tireless efforts and gratuitous service for Austria”, says Federal Minister Sebastian Kurz at the opening of the honorary consul conference 2015 in the Palais Ferstel in Vienna.

“The network of worldwide 300 honorary consulates, in connection with our embassies and consulates, allows us to assist Austrian citizens abroad swiftly and without red tape. The fast help – like e.g. in the case of the Nepal earthquake – for the affected Austrians has once more proven the importance of a closely tied and operational representation network”, said Kurz.

The honorary consuls commit themselves gratuitously to serving Austrian interests abroad. An honorary consul provides consular aid, supports Austrians in peril, is an anchor point for Austrian expats and serves as point of reference for information. “Through their great commitment, many honorary consuls actively contribute to to strengthen the network between public institutions and economic and cultural stakeholders from their country and Austria”, Kurz closed.

More than 170 honorary consuls from all over the world are attending the conference in Vienna, from Hobart/Australia to Windhoek/Namibia.