Kurz: Implement EU Strategy for the Alpine Region swiftly

European Commission accepts Strategy for the Alpine Region; Positive impulses for economic growth and competitiveness expected

Vienna, 29 July 2015 -Minister for Foreign Affairs, Sebastian Kurz welcomed the European Commissions’ accepting the Strategy for the Alpine Region and underlined the high level of participation by the regions as well as the civil society: “Due to the great efforts displayed by the regions, whereby a special thanks goes to the Tyrol as well as the civil society, the Strategy for the Alpine Region offers new opportunitiesfor both Austria and Europe. While our main focus lies with strengthening the rural Alpine Region with special regard to the natural environment, we also are concerned with the economic significance of the Alpine Region.” 

The improved cooperation in relevant questions related to the Alps between 48 regions in Austria, Germany, France, Italy, Liechtenstein, Switzerland and Slovenia will benefit more than 70m citizens. Additional positive stimuli for the economic growth and competitiveness of the region are also expected. 

The EU Strategy for the Alpine Region goes back to an Austrian initiative in the formation of which the Tyrol played a major role. A conference on the Strategy for the Alpine Region took place in Innsbruck in September 2014. The strategy is based upon pre-existing forms of cooperation on local, regional and national levels. Its aims are clearly set on the promotion of economic growth and innovation, improving mobility and connectivity as well as environmental issues and sustainable energy in the region. 

“It now must be our goal to implement the Strategy for the Alpine Region as swiftly as possible and thus achieve tangible positive results for the regions’ population” Sebastian Kurz closed.