Kurz: Vienna Agreement with Iran is important for global peace and security

The Minister for Foreign Affairs congratulated the negotiators and emphasised that now the implementation of the agreement is important; Austria strengthened as place of dialogue

Vienna, 14 July 2015 - Minister for Foreign Affairs, Sebastian Kurz said he was pleased with the outcome of the talks with Iran and the agreement reached concerning the Iranian nuclear programme: “I am very happy to congratulate both the negotiators from the EU 3+3 led by the High Representative of the European Union, Federica Mogherini as also the Iranian negotiators on this outcome. The significance of this agreement reaches far beyond the Middle East and provides us with a chance to contribute to more stability and security for the whole world. Today the important goal of non-proliferation of Nuclear weapons has received a great boost. Therefore I also hope that the Vienna Agreement concluded today will act as catalyst towards the global nuclear disarmament ambitions. We are very proud to have been host to such important discussions.”

Kurz further emphasised, that it now was important to implement the agreement step by step. “In the face of numerous crises around the globe, this breakthrough shows once again, that change is possible.”

Minister for Foreign Affairs, Sebastian Kurz also underlined the strengthening of Austria as place of dialogue. So all of the EU3+3’s Ministers of Foreign Affairs were frequent visitors to Vienna in participating in the negotiations, next to around 650 journalists from all over the world who were accredited here. “Austria has a long standing tradition as place of dialogue. The Iran-Nuclear-Talks have massively reinforced this international perception of Vienna as a place of dialogue. I want to express my sincere gratitude to all, who have, through their individual contributions and commitment, made it possible for Austria to be the host of these talks. My thanks go especially to the staff of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs and the Police Force”, Sebastian Kurz closed.