Minister for Foreign Affairs Kurz on 20 years Srebrenica commemoration

Sebastian Kurz: We commemorate thousands of innocent victims

Vienna, 11 July 2015 - On 11 July 2015 it is 20 years since the atrocious genocide and ethnic cleansings in and around the Bosnian city of Srebrenica took place. Minister for Foreign Affairs, Sebastian Kurz states: “Commemoration of the Srebrenica victims and of all the other innocent victims of the dreadful events in former Yugoslavia between 1991 and 1995 is marked by grieving together with the loved ones left behind. Yet the resolute legal persecution of all perpetrators remains perquisite for justice, critical reappraisal and thus for forgiveness and reconciliation.”

Although Srebrenica was declared a safe area through a resolution of the United Nations Security Council in 1993, two years later the city was taken over and more than 8000 men and boys were brutally murdered.

“The lessons learned from this tragedy are also directed towards the international community, so that we, in contrast to our failure at the time,  will act determinately in the future. We commemorate the thousands of innocent victims and stand by their loved ones in our thoughts”, Sebastian Kurz closed.