Mitterlehner and Kurz: Further simplification for students from Southern Tyrol

Mutual recognition of ten additional academic degrees and titles between Austria and Italy


Vienna, 1 June 2015 -Vice-chancellor and Minister for Science, Reinhold Mitterlehner and Minister for Foreign Affairs, Sebastian Kurz welcomed a further important step for South Tyrol concerns. The mutual recognition of ten additional academic degrees and titles between Austria and Italy comes into effect today.

Vice-chancellor Mitterlehner underlines: “The mutual recognition of equality of ten additionalmore study programmes between Italy and Austria provides concrete simplification for students from Southern Tyrol. I am glad, that is was possible, to implement an important South Tyrol issue in the negotiations with Italy.”

Minister for Foreign Affairs Kurz states: “This reorganisation provides tangible simplification for young people in Southern Tyrol. This way we support the mobility of students and we grow together even more.”

The new bachelor and master studies programmes are: Molecular biology, music sciences, comparative literature, classica et orientale, cultural and social anthropology as well as philosophy at the faculty of theology.

In the past months a commission of experts including representatives of the Austrian Ministry for Foreign Affairs, the Ministry for Science, the Ministry for Education and institutions of higher education as well as the Italian Foreign Ministry has worked on a respective change to the agreement, which exists since 2009. More specifically the equivalence of ten further study programmes was recognised. By means of this amendment to the existing agreement, all study programmes, usually pursued by students from Southern Tyrol at Austrian universities are considered equivalent. Negotiations concerning a similar system for Universities of Applied Sciences have already begun.