Successful focus on the humanitarian consequences of a nuclear strike

NPT-supervision conference ends without concrete outcome

New York/Vienna, 23 May 2015 - “I am sad, that no concrete steps forward and no consensus could be achieved”, Minister for Foreign Affairs, Sebastian Kurz explained concerning the end of the fruitless 4-week supervisory conference of the Non-proliferation Treaty in New York. The conference failed on the matter of finding common ground on the creation of a “zone free of weapons of mass destruction in the Near East”.

  “The only positive result is the focus on the catastrophic and inacceptable humanitarian consequences as well as the uncontrollable risks of nuclear weapons. Austria has successfully moved this theme into the centre of the nuclear disarmament debate since the international Vienna conference of last December”, Kurz said.

“There is movement within the overwhelming majority of the states without nuclear weapons and a democratisation of the disarmament debate has taken place – these are the positive outcomes of this conference”, Kurz explained. This new alignment of the debate on nuclear weapons was among other factors also made possible through the up to now largest trans-regional humanitarian coalition of 159 countries, in whose name Minister for Foreign Affairs Kurz had held an opening address on 28 April 2015, in which Kurz had underlined: “It is in the interest of the survival of mankind, that nuclear weapons can never be used again.”