Minister for Integration Sebastian Kurz welcomes the roll-out of skills checks throughout Austria

Vienna, January 12, 2016

Minister for Integration Sebastian Kurz expressed his satisfaction at the results of the skills check project presented today and welcomed the measures aimed at integrating recognised refugees into the Austrian labour market.

“The expansion of skills checks to the whole of Austria is a very important step. Facilitating rapid access to the labour market is of decisive importance for successful integration. The efforts undertaken by the Ministry of Social Affairs and the Labour Market Service are of key relevance in this context”.  

A 50 Action Points Plan for Integration, commissioned by the Ministry for Integration and prepared by experts, was presented last autumn. One of the measures proposed in this paper was the collection of information on refugees’ skills and qualifications by way of independent surveys. ”The steps presented today demonstrate that the experts’ proposals are now finally being implemented”, stressed Sebastian Kurz.    

With a view to further promoting the rapid entry to the labour market of recognised refugees, the Ministry for Integration had already submitted the draft of a recognition act for examination before Christmas. “This act will not only further facilitate the recognition of skills and qualifications acquired abroad, but will also drive integration into the labour market. We are indeed well on track towards achieving these goals”, Sebastian Kurz stated in conclusion.