Foreign Minister Kurz: “Austria supports Ethiopia in the fight against the imminent food crisis by providing 6.6 million euros”

Ten million people in Ethiopia affected by extreme drought

Due to extreme drought, ten million people in Ethiopia are facing a catastrophic famine. “We must act now in order to avert a dramatic food crisis. Thus Austria will support the priority country of Austrian Development Cooperation by providing 6.6 million euros in order to avert the imminent catastrophe. This is the only way to preserve the successes achieved so far in the field of development in Ethiopia”, Foreign Minister Sebastian Kurz stated. 

After Syria and Yemen, the dramatic food situation in Ethiopia is currently the third largest humanitarian crisis. According to estimates the number of people affected by crop failure and harvest losses will increase to at least 18 to 20 million in 2016. Based on these figures, the number of persons affected by famine will even exceed that in civil war-torn Syria.

 “Ethiopia is one of the fastest developing countries in sub-Saharan Africa. If we stand back and do nothing, new waves of migration will be triggered. Therefore we want to help by providing quick and unbureaucratic assistance to the people affected and also to the government of Ethiopia, in order to enable them to tackle their additional tasks in this exceptional year”, Foreign Minister Sebastian Kurz reiterated.


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