Sebastian Kurz: “Austria has lost a tireless champion of tolerance and equality “


“With the death of Rudolf Sarközi Austria has lost a tireless champion of tolerance and equality who made a great contribution to social cohesion in Austria”, Federal Minister Kurz said on the death of Rudolf Sarközi.

 Born in 1944 in the Lackenbach NS detention camp in Burgenland, Sarközi was a vehement supporter of equal rights for and recognition of Sinti and Roma as an ethnic group, which was effected in 1993. “The recognition of Roma and Sinti as an ethnic group in Austria is his uncontested lifetime achievement”, said Sebastian Kurz.

“His courageous and undaunted opposition to racism and xenophobia serves both as inspiration and a call to continue our commitment to an open and tolerant Austria dedicated to protecting and promoting universal human rights. We offer our deepest sympathy and sincere condolences to his family”, Sebastian Kurz concluded.


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