First Integration Ambassadors’ Conference of Zusammen:Österreich

Today, the first Integration Ambassadors’ Conference organised by the initiative ZUSAMMEN:ÖSTERREICH (TOGETHER:AUSTRIA) was convened at the FMEIA. Following an overview provided by Stefan Steiner, Director-General for Integration at the FMEIA, sociologist Kenan Güngör held a keynote speech on migration and social change. In his speech, the sociologist pointed out that “voluntary activities play an incredibly valuable role in promoting integration in rural areas”. Following Kenan Güngör’s keynote speech, Susanne Knasmüller, Head of the Integration Coordination Department at the FMEIA, focused on integration against the background of the current refugee crisis. She underlined the need to ensure the rapid integration of those who are allowed to stay in Austria, stressing that the acquisition of language skills, the sharing of values and integration in the labour market are of pivotal importance in this context.

The ‘Integration Ambassadors’ of ZUSAMMEN:ÖSTERREICH visit schools, associations and other organisations and demonstrate on a daily basis how coexistence can succeed. They contribute to dismantling prejudices and motivate pupils and students with and without a migration background to keep on track in their pursuit of a successful life and to make use of the educational and employment opportunities in Austria. For further information on ZUSAMMEN:ÖSTERREICH, please visit the initiative’s Website:


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