Federal Minister Sebastian Kurz: “A lion has left us.”

The passing of Ari Rath

“Ari Rath lived many lives: an adolescent boy from Vienna who had to leave his home country head over heels to escape Nazi terror, a journalist with heart and soul, an author and gifted storyteller, a long-standing editor-in-chief and general manager of the Jerusalem Post, an ever alert witness of his time, speaking up against intolerance and marginalisation.” It was with deep regret that Foreign Minister Sebastian Kurz responded to the news of Ari Rath’s passing.

“Ari Rath always sought to get into contact with young people to win them over for his committed fight against antisemitism, racism and xenophobia. As I belong to a younger generation, it is a matter of special concern to me to honour Ari Rath’s legacy by carrying on his commitment to tolerance and understanding“, Sebastian Kurz said.

Ari Rath had to flee Austria in 1938. In 1948 he returned to his old home country for the first time and in 2007 he re-assumed Austrian citizenship. The title of Ari Rath’s memoirs is “Ari Means Lion”. “He couldn’t have chosen a better title. Eventually, most of all, Ari Rath was a critical mind, a fighter with the heart of a lion. A lion has left us forever now, we are mourning a great man and human being. My sincere condolences to his family“, Sebastian Kurz concluded.


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