Europe State Award Network Meeting

Foreign Ministry expresses thanks for exemplary commitment to Europe

“The current discussion shows that we need not only convinced Europeans, but most of all convincing Europeans. The candidates for the Europe State Award 2016 who have assembled for today’s network meeting are part of this! Their commitment and creativity are an inspiration to others“, Michael Linhart, the Secretary General at the Foreign Ministry, said at the Network Meeting which brought together the candidates for the Europe State Award 2016. In the past two years, applications have shown that there is a tremendously large number of committed citizens and organisations seeking to communicate the added value of the EU and advocating a reinforced awareness of Europe. For the first time, candidates included Austrian expatriates living in other EU Member States. 

The follow-up meeting is “to contribute to turning a silent majority supporting Europe into a loud one“ by offering candidates and contributors an “opportunity of getting to know each other, networking and exchanging views,” Foreign Minister Sebastian Kurz said prior to the meeting. 

In the introductory session, MEP Othmar Karas and Wolfgang Böhm, Head of European news for the Austrian daily “Die Presse”, discussed challenges and chances in Europe. Three working groups dealing with digital tools in EU communication, integration as a future challenge to Europe and ways out of Euroscepticism offered attendees opportunities for more in-depth discussions about European policy issues and for an exchange of experiences. 

The Europe State Award, which was created on the initiative of the Foreign Ministry in 2015, is now entering its third year. The invitation to apply for the Europe State Award 2017 will be published on 31 January. 



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