Austrian Foreign Minister, Sebastian Kurz, says “We have decided to provide humanitarian aid to people in Syria and Iraq“

The region surrounding Syria is currently the setting for one of the 21stcentury’s greatest humanitarian crises. Around 13.5 million people in Syria and roughly 11 million in Iraq are dependent on humanitarian aid.

“Along with supporting the UN peace process in Syria, Austria is first and foremost providing humanitarian aid to the region in order to ease the impact of the crisis on the people and stabilise the situation”, said Austrian Foreign Minister Kurz, regarding today’s decision to contribute 2 million euros from the Foreign Disaster Fund to promoting stability in this crisis region.   

1 million euros will be given to the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) to support children and women in Syria, 1 million euros will go to the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) to promote the resettlement of displaced people in areas that have been taken back from ISIS control. 

The contributions to UNICEF will make it possible for just under 90,000 children and women to receive medical advice. The funds to the UNDP offer displaced people returning to their home communities support in setting up new businesses and contribute to rebuilding basic infrastructure, like schools and hospitals. The 1 million euros to the UNDP will see that 1000-2000 people can once again maintain themselves by, for example, receiving subsidies and reconstruction aid for their small and medium-sized businesses.


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