Austrian Foreign Minister, Sebastian Kurz, says “Persecution of homosexuals in Chechnya is a concern“

There have been reports about Islamist motivated kidnappings of homosexuals

“Current reports of mass arrests and even killings and torture of homosexuals in Chechnya are causing me great concern. Persecuting people for their sexual orientation is a violation of human rights and must be condemned“, said Austrian Foreign Minister, Sebastian Kurz, in response to media reports on alleged preventive purges and kidnappings of homosexuals carried out by the Chechen regime.  

Kurz also added, “Together with our EU partners on site, we are currently trying to verify the accusations via the Austrian embassy and agree on our possible response. The accusations have to be completely clarified and those responsible brought to justice”.

“Anti-homosexual laws not only force those affected by them to live in fear but also deprive them of their basic rights, such as freedom of speech and freedom of assembly as well as the right to privacy. The increasing levels of discrimination, criminalisation and even use of violence against homosexuals, bisexuals, transsexuals and intersex people (LGBTI) around the world deeply worry me. People’s universal human rights, physical integrity and dignity are not up for negotiation“, concluded Austrian Foreign Minister, Sebastian Kurz.




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