Requesting Legal Documents

Important! Please schedule an appointment before coming to the embassy.

A. Documents from Austria

a) Vital Records
(Birth, marriage, and death certificates)

On November 1st, 2014 a new electronic registry of civil status will be introduced in Austria in accordance with the new Law on Personal Status (PStG 2013).

According to § 53 Articles 3 and 4 the Austrian Embassy in Washington D.C. is now entitled to issue personal registration certificates (birth certificates, death certificates, marriage certificates and partnership certificates) by means of this registry.

The complete transition to the new system will however take considerably more time. Therefore we expect longer processing periods.

A novelty in the Law on Personal Status 2013 is the compulsory registration of changes in civil status which occur during a stay abroad (change of name, marriage, divorce). The Law on Personal Status, however, does not include any deadlines or any specific time frame on that matter. The birth of a child is not subject to registration.

Furthermore all registered parties have the right to access their personal records in the system of civil status registration. 

Required documents:

  • valid photo ID (passport)
  • if possible: copy of lost or stolen document
  • proof of current residence in the US (US driver's license, lease, utility bill,...)
  • depending on the individual application: marriage certificate and/or divorce decrees (with apostille), other personal documents, etc.
  • consular fee for vital records extract and/or apostille: the fee may be paid in cash (at the embassy), as postal money order or cashier's check. Credit/debit cards and personal checks cannot be accepted.
  • self-addressed and prepaid envelope (preferably USPS Priority), if you want your document returned by U.S. mail. FedEx envelopes or shipping labels need to be prepaid; labels which only show a credit card number cannot be accepted. "Bill Sender" option on FedEx labels will not be accepted. The Austrian Embassy will not be responsible for documents after they were mailed!

The application for issuing of a personal registration certificate can be submitted by postal mail, the completed form must be signed and notarized and notarized copies of the photo IDs must be attached. The fee can be paid as money order or cashier's check.

Please note that additional documents may be required on a case by case basis.


b) Driver's License

In the case of loss or theft of your Austrian driver's license abroad, you may request a replacement at the competent authority in Austria via the Embassy. The Embassy itself does not issue driver's licenses.

To request a replacement for a stolen/lost driver's license, please provide the following documents:

  • Application (in German only)
  • valid photo ID (passport)
  • 1 passport picture (same criteria as for Austrian passports)
  • if applicable: police report for your lost/stolen driver's license
  • if possible: copy of lost or stolen driver's license
  • proof of last residence in Austria (Meldezettel)
  • proof of current residence in the US (US driver's license, lease, utility bill,...)
  • consular fee: see "requesting legal document" and "forwarding of document"
  • driver's license fee for Austrian authority (EUR 49.50) has to paid in USD after the new driver's license arrives at the embassy.

It is not mandatory to swap your old-format driver's license for a driver's license in check card size. The application and payment can be processed through a consulate or an honorary consulate.


c) Other legal documents and certificates

Certificates of good conduct (criminal records) from Austria may be requested via the Consulate General or one of the Honorary Consulates. For further information, please see the link "Certificate of good conduct (criminal records)."

Copies of Austrian divorce decrees may be obtained by directly contacting the District Court which has issued the decree. We recommend calling prior to a personal visit. Addresses and phone numbers are listed at


d) Personal Identity Cards - Austrian ID (Personalausweis)

Since 2009, Personal Identity Cards (Personalausweis), accepted by some countries as cross-border travel documents, may also be obtained through the Austrian Embassy.

This procedure requires


For more information (German only) please visit


B. Documents issued by governmental authorities and agencies located in the area covered by the Embassy

Austrian citizens living in Austria who need official documents and certificates from governmental authorities and agencies located in the area covered by the Embassy are kindly asked to directly contact either the governmental agency (e.g. village, county) in the U.S. or the citizen help desk at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Vienna at

The Embassy of the United States in Vienna, Boltzmanngasse 16, 1090 Vienna, Tel.: (+43-1) 31339-0, Fax: (+43-1) 310 06 82, E-mail:, informs as follows:

Documents that must be obtained from a U.S. State

Vital Records are documents such as birth, death or marriage certificates. In the U.S., state, county or city governments, depending on location, usually hold such records. Here is some information to assist you in obtaining copies of such records.

Where to Write for Vital Records

Note: For your U.S. document to be accepted by the Austrian authorities, for example if you plan to get married, they also require that you provide an Apostille. This document gives you specific instructions on how to obtain the Apostille. 

Fee-based on-line services that help obtain records

One such service is VitalChek (800-255-2414), which allows you to request birth, death, and marriage certificates online, by phone, or by fax. Another service called U.S. Birth can help you obtain or amend a Consular Report of Birth Abroad, in addition to obtaining a birth certificate. You must have a physical street address to use this service (no APO's, FPO's, or PO Boxes).

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