Visual arts, photography, video and media art, interdisciplinary arts

The grant is designed for individuals who have completed their artist training and/or have been working as free‐lance artists for at least five years. Whereas students are not eligible for application, post‐graduate students are welcome.

For organizational reasons, the program cannot accept applications from the film sector (shorts, feature film, documentary, avant‐garde or experimental film, etc.).

Interdisciplinary arts

This sector is open to artists who work in an interdisciplinary manner involving two or more artistic disciplines or a combination of art and a scientific discipline (e.g. natural science). This concerns projects at the interface between art and science which, as a function of their quality and model character, are conducive to the development of new thematic fields in art and culture.

Applications may involve the following interdisciplinary projects:

  • Combine artistic or cultural issues with approaches, perspectives and strategies from fields of science,
  • Approach phenomena from an artistic and a scientific perspective and focus on the interfaces between these perspectives,
  • Create new momentum for innovative developments at the interface between art and science.

The application portfolio has to be submitted before the deadline in five copies (only copy able documents, no originals), each application portfolio in its own labelled envelope.

It is not possible to submit applications per email.

An application portfolio contains mandatorily the following documents according to the following order:

  1. a completely filled‐in and signed application form
  2. Portrait photograph,
  3. CV and/or artist resume
  4. A motivation letter (no more than 1 DIN A4 page) specifying current artistic interests and projects
  5. A description of the project to be carried out during the stay in Austria; projects with some reference to Austria will be preferred (1 DIN A4 page max.)
  6. A letter of recommendation (e.g. from a university institution, an art college, a gallery or other institution related to art and culture etc.),
  7. Information about all previous residencies, study visits and traineeships abroad,
  8. Documentation of previous artistic work (portfolio), meaning a representative cross section of no more than 10 pages (no catalogues, no photo books, no posters, no originals!); in case of video and media artists: no more than 1 DVD with a max. presentation time of 10 min.

Submissions are to be sent as of now until no later than September 15, 2015 (date of postmark) to:

Bundeskanzleramt Österreich Abteilung II/6
Concordiaplatz 2
1010 Wien

The submission must be clearly marked with “Artist‐in‐Residence‐Visual arts”!

It is not possible to submit applications per email.

In case of questions please send an email to:

Telephone enquiries at 0043 (0)1 53115 ‐ 206860

The jury will only consider complete applications (documents relating to items 1 to 8 in the order specified). The applicants will be informed in writing about the receipt of their application and the result of the jury session.

Application documents will not be returned!

The required application form is available on the culture website of the Austrian Federal Chancellery and on the website of KulturKontakt Austria.