Synergy effects associated with the Vienna-based international organisations

Since 23 August 1979, the Vienna International Centre (VIC) has been one of the four headquarters of the United Nations. Featuring a modern architectural design, the VIC houses 4,500 offices and nine conference halls. It is also headquarters to numerous international organisations, which only pay a token rent but are required to cover ongoing maintenance and operating costs.

The unique feature that distinguishes Vienna as a conference venue is the VIC‘s connection to the Austria Center Vienna (ACV). Opened in 1987, the ACV is the largest congress centre in Austria, boasting an exhibition area of 22,000m².  

Since 1998, the VIC has also housed a Visitor Centre where the interested public can learn more about the work of the United Nations.


Involvement of Civil Society

In cooperation with the international organisations located in Vienna and Austrian government authorities, a large number of Vienna-based non-governmental and non-profit organisations address topics such as human rights, intercultural dialogue, sustainable development, environmental protection and disarmament. 

More than 100 Austrian civil society organisations are accredited with the United Nations alone.