Dear Readers,

The present architectural edition of Austrian Information has garnered a number of eminent contributors bringing their valuable insights to paper: In the most comprehensive Austrian Information to date, our avid readership is offered outstanding articles on modern architecture in Austria, on concepts of urbanism, on eco-friendly and efficient Austrian green building technology, loosened up by fascinating life stories of iconic Austrian architects.

Besides, the traditional “Meet the Chef ” and “Meet the Consul” categories are bringing you topical portraits of Austrians with a special affinity to interior design. I also wish to pay tribute to a successful local experiment of cooperation across the governmental divisions of power: Thanks to our colleague Katrin Egger from the Austrian Parliament’s Press Office serving as a visiting expert at the Embassy for two months, it was easy to link up with new contacts – a cooperation which also enriched the present publication.

Furthermore, with our readership already extending beyond the Great Lakes, we have successfully reached out to our Embassy colleagues in Ottawa to contribute to present and future editions of Austrian Information. Both attempts clearly present best practice models to be continued…

Finally, as the days draw shorter and the cozy time at the home fireside expands, I wish you all an informative yet entertaining reading of our latest elaborate.


Yours truly,
Thorsten Eisingerich