EU Policy

Austria's membership in the European Union has had a decisive impact on the country's foreign and European policy of the past 20 years. Austria is an equal partner in the European integration project with a seat and vote in all bodies of the Union. Since its accession on 1 January 1995, Austria has actively participated in all the major developments of the Union and will continue to be involved in any decisions about significant changes. Together, the member states of the European Union can accomplish more than any one of them would achieve individually. This is true for climate protection, the securing of peace, foreign policy and our business relations with the rest of the world.

Embedded in the EU decision-making structures, we are able to advocate Austrian concerns on a European level. Austria and its export-oriented economy have also been profiting significantly from the benefits and facilities of the European internal market. The establishment of the Economic and Monetary union was another important step for further deepening of European integration.

As citizens of the European Union, the citizens of all member states can contribute to the shaping of EU policy and give their opinions on legislative proposals. And in the European elections they decide on the composition of the European Parliament.