A Different View of Vienna

The Austrian Cultural Forum Washington is currently showing an exhibition entitled "A Different View of Vienna".

Barbara Zeidler has set out to discover museums in Vienna, open to the public but off the beaten track, tucked away from any Museum Mile or Art Quarter: Besides the great temples of art such as the Kunsthistorisches Museum (Museum of Fine Arts), the Belvedere or the Albertina, Vienna offers a number of specialties, which hardly anyone knows - some of her discoveries are not even mentioned in specialised guidebooks such as "Unknown Vienna".

For instance, who knows the location of the world's largest collection of magic boxes or has ever heard of the unique museum of the Mekhitarist Congregation, the Imperial Hat Museum or the Circus and Clown Museum? Yes, all of them can be found in Vienna!

Thus, use this unique opportunity to complete your picture of the Austrian capital!

The exhibit will be on display until December 19, 2015. Visit www.acfdc.org for more information.