U.S. Premiere at the Austrian Cultural Forum New York

On November 4, the Austrian Cultural Forum New York hosted the U.S.-premiere of the English adaptation of the successful Austrian play, "Butterbrot" ("Chickenshit").

Written by Gabriel Barylli and translated into English by Alan Goodson and Jerry Marwig, the play focuses on the life of two bachelors, Stefan and Martin, who prepare to celebrate the birthday of their married friend Peter. To their surprise, Peter shows up without his wife Lilli after he found out that she had cheated on him. The fact that Peter has been disloyal to his wife multiple times is irrelevant to him. In a drunken frenzy he decides to join the male-only household of Stefan and Martin and for a short period of time everything works out perfectly – until Martin falls in love again with a woman.

The English adaptation of "Butterbrot" starred Alfons Haider as cheated, disloyal Peter, Howard Nightingall as bachelor Stefan and Dave Moskin as enamored Martin.

The play was performed at the Austrian Cultural Forum in New York and was fully booked for three consecutive evenings.

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