Austrian Elections

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Austrian citizens residing abroad have been given the right to cast their votes in national elections, elections to the European Parliament, and national referenda. The following provides Austrian citizens with an overview of their voting rights. In-depth information, however, is only available in German. In order to have their votes counted, Austrian citizens residing abroad must:

a) be over the age of 16 on election day,
b) have been registered with an Austrian village or town (solely for election purposes),
c) not have been excluded from the right to vote (e.g. while serving a prison term),
d) have both applied for an absentee ballot and received it in time,
e) return the ballot to the election authorities in Austria by a particular deadline.


A. Voter Registration

If you are an Austrian citizen and do not permanently reside in Austria, you must register (voter registration procedure) with a town or village in Austria in order to have your name added to a local "voter registry." Otherwise, you won't be able to apply for an absentee ballot and you will not be able to cast your vote.

The voter registration application and the instructions on how to complete the form are available online (in German only). Once you have filled in the application, please submit it with a copy of your valid Austrian passport to either the respective town/village in Austria or to the Austrian Embassy.

Please note:
Once issued your voter registration will be valid for ten years. If you want to continue being able to cast your votes in Austrian elections, please renew your registration at least every ten years. The signed application form should be sent either directly to the town/village in Austria or the Austrian Embassy, together with a copy of your valid Austrian passport.

Voter Registration Form and instructions for completing the Voter Registration Form (pdf; in German)


B. Absentee Ballot & How to Cast the Vote

Once the elections have been officially announced, each Austrian citizen (as long as he/she is registered) may apply for a postal ballot. For this purpose, please forward the application (via mail, fax, e-mail, or online) to the Austrian town/village where you are registered in the "voter registry." Please note that your application for a postal ballot must include your name, your date of birth, number of your valid Austrian passport, and the exact address your ballot should be sent to.

You may vote immediately after receiving your postal ballot. Please note that both envelopes you have received - the small one and the larger one - must be properly sealed.

The postal ballot must be returned directly to the provinciall electoral commission in Austria (mentioned on the envelope). Please note that all voting cards used for postal voting must arrive at the competent district electoral authority on election day at 5 p.m. at the latest.

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