Guns, Rifles, Firearms, and Ammunition

Individuals, who both reside outside the European Union and have not been issued an Austrian or European Firearms Pass, must apply for a permit to be allowed to bring weapons and ammunition into Austria.

You may apply for the permit (fee: 42 €; to be paid in US funds in cash or via money-order) at the Consulate. When applying, you must present

  • proof of your trip (itinerary, plane ticket, purpose etc.),
  • a valid passport
  • a valid firearms pass/permit issued by the authorities of your place of residence
  • a statement of good conduct (Sheriff's letter, criminal record clearance letter) issued by the proper authorities.

Further documentation might be required on a case-by-case basis.

The permit gives you the right to bring firearms into Austria, but it does not confer the right to carry the weapon. In addition, the firearm must be unloaded and any ammunition must be stored separately.

If you intend to carry your firearm or even to use it, a separate permit issued by the Austrian local authorities is required. Please be advised that there is no legal right to obtain the permit(s) you are applying for.

Import of ammunition (except for handguns with center fire ignition or with caliber 6.35 mm and over), blank cartridges and non-military firearms, in particular hunting and sports rifles (unless these are semi-automatic or repeating guns and therefore subject to permit), does not require a permit.