Experience The Third Man on a Big Screen

Theaters in Silver Spring, MD and New York City began two week showings of the legendary movie The Third Man on June 26. You can still see the movie in Silver Spring (until July 3), New York City (until July 9), and Los Angeles (on July 3).

Experience postwar Vienna in a film, which is unanimously considered one of the greatest films ever made, and cinema's most vivid example of "high noir" style. It stars Joseph Cotten, Alida Valli, Trevor Howard and Orson Welles. Winner of the Grand Prize at Cannes and #1 on the British Film Institute's list of the 100 greatest British movies of the 20th century.

The Third Man remains the only movie on both the American Film Institute and British Film Institute Top 100 lists of, respectively, the greatest American and British films of all time (the Brits named it their Number One).

The award-winning team at Deluxe Restoration carried out the new 4K digital restoration of The Third Man on behalf of Studiocanal. Following rigorous comparison of different available elements, the 4K scan was done from a fine grain master positive struck from the original negative. Release prints were used as a reference for the grading.