Middle East and North Africa

Austria's foreign policy attaches great importance to maintaining good relations with the countries of the Arab region. The transition processes in the wake of the so-called "Arab Spring" proceed gradually and require patience by the respective countries as well as the international community. Austrian and EU-cooperation focuses on the areas of religious freedom, support for women's empowerment, youth and civil society, media freedom, freedom of expression, ownership, rule of law and human rights. 

Austria has a long-standing tradition of active support for the Middle East Peace Process. In essence it is about the implementation of the "two-state solution" with Israel and Palestine in peaceful coexistence and within secure and mutually recognized borders. In addition it is about peace agreements between Israel on the one hand and Syria and Lebanon on the other, normalization of relations between Israel and the Arab world as well as an increase of cooperation and prosperity in the region.

Austria supports the efforts by the EU3+3 with respect to the Geneva interim agreement and the implementation of the Joint Action Plan to resolve the outstanding issues of the Iranian nuclear program.

The Middle East Peace Process
North Africa